1. Houdini the mini series on the History Channel is fucking cool omg

  2. realmadridfamily:

    WAGs in wedding dresses (and with their husbands) - asked by Anon :) Unfortunately, there is nowhere photos from the wedding of Keylor i Andrea.

  3. Luka’s becoming an old fart.  oh my GOD

    why am i still attracted to himmm

  4. thebvbfans:

    Klopp meets Shinji. #kagawa #wiederhier #backhome

  5. katzys2013:

    Alles gute, Jonas!


  6. drunkdavidluiz:

    david getting gradually excited when he sees the camera

    i love this man

  7. I love it when my roleplayer partner barely replies. :) 

    bah, then again, i gotta do my homework. :s

  8. 100percentcalculated:


    happy birthday someone


  9. jackskillshere:

    RIP Arbeloa’s beard

    March 2014 - September 2014

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  11. This is the greatest camera watching of All Time

    (Source: bigbywulf)

  12. toonikroos:

    Now that transfer season is officialy over I just want to say that I’m very mad at Real Madrid, specially Florentino, I mean, why fix something that wasn’t broken? why spend 80m on a player that is not even worth 40m? why focus more on marketing and money? why sell the player that literally gave us La Décima? Why buy Chicharito when you could have bought something better like Falcao o even Reus? why destroy the best and most conplete squad of entire Europe? WHY?

  13. ubercreatures:

    guys but imagine the 24 hour livescream this year

  14. It’s apparently been a year since Kaka and Mesut left Real Madrid


    thats fucking sad 

  15. reusful:

    marco and sami during press conference in frankfurt august 14,2012 

    where germany will face argentina in friendly 

    Sami and Reuus??? Lolll wheres mesut